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NBA Lockout Package October 27, 2011

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Anchor Lead

NBA labor talks wear on and with the latest update, we go to Jordan Underwood for the inside scoop.


First VO :13

And thou shalt not play! Is the cry heard throughout the National Basketball Association as players and owners are in strict disagreement over money, salary caps and basketball revenue causing fans to become distant.

SOT 1 Tim Reed :08

Its more discouraging that it sounds like they are going to cancel the entire season so I’ll probably be watching a lot more college basketball and hockey this winter

Second VO :10

According to figures released by the NBA, the league made $4 billion in revenue last season, along with improved ratings for all TV partners. With no NBA, Comcast Sports Net feels they are in trouble.

Phoner Kevin Anderson :23

In regards to how it effects us, its gonna stink in terms of those games we don’t have certaintly those playoff games we don’t have because we have the first round on our air a lot of ad revenue is not going to be generated by not having those games are ratings are going to be down. It stinks, I wish we had basketball to talk about right now.

Final VO :11

Most recent talks have boiled down to owners proposing a 50/50 split for basketball related income or BRI which was significantly lower amount then the 57% the players already had in the prior agreement

Stand Up

As players and owners continue to argue about money, not only are they hurting themselvers, but they are hurting their fans as well. This is Jordan Underwood, Daily Iowan TV.



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