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Black Friday Package December 8, 2011

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Anchor Lead: Americans in our consumer culture shop and spend money all the time, but on no other day is there more spending then on Black Friday. Stores nation wide shifted their opening times and specials on Thursday and Friday and this led to record amounts of spending. With the latest news, we go to Jordan Underwood.


(VO :12)

Shoppers all across the country flocked to local stores and malls to take advantage of Black Friday specials. Stores from Coach to Gap all the way to Wal-Mart shifted their plan of action by opening their doors the night before Black Friday on Thanksgiving and placing deals on items during their night time sales and this led to record amounts of shoppers. This made it hard for everyone to move around and get what they wanted.


(Keith SOT :10)

There was just tons of people there were long lines. Just mass amounts of people waiting to get their purchases or items they wanted.

(VO/graphic :29)

Keith was not the only one who ventured out on Thursday night as several millions of people joined him in the spending party known as Black Friday. Over 26 million Americans went out during the period between Thursday night and early Friday morning and they spent a record amount of around $52.4 billion on Black Friday specials. This averages about $398.62 spent per person during this period of time, which is also a record.


(VO :09)

Contributing to these numbers were the amount of people who took advantage of online Black Friday deals in order to stay away from the crowds who went to the stores themselves. All these numbers combined were 6% higher then last year, which makes it the single highest person and dollar total spent in one day in our history.


(Stand up on camera :18)

I am standing outside Wal-Mart, where shoppers packed this parking lot to take advantage of Black Friday deals. Whether it was braving the elements and crowds by going shopping at similar stores carrying Black Friday specials, or staying in the comfort of your own home and making online purchases, shoppers nation wide proved this Black Friday will live in infamy for years to come . . .at least until next year. This is Jordan Underwood, Daily Iowan TV



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