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Super Size Me Package December 8, 2011

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Anchor lead: As more Americans are becoming conscious of their weight, you would expect a new, less fat country. However, even as more Americans become fit, trends have not shifted. We go to Jordan Underwood news on how Americans are fatter now then ever before.


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The stereotype of the “fat” American is more true now then ever before as obesity levels continue to sky rocket throughout the country. Over the last 26 years, obesity has become one of the country’s primary problems 2nd only to smoking in preventable deaths in the U.S. but this doesn’t stop people from making a trip to McDonalds and other fast food joints.


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Sales have increased I have noticed that. Food is cheaper, we have the dollar menu of course. However, the actual consumer is to blame because they should be making healthier choices and they should be capable of buying healthier food that isn’t expensive.


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27 million Americans visit McDonalds everyday, which helps contribute to 60 million Americans over 20 being obese. This map shows that in 1985, states that registered with the CDC had average obese population around 10-14% whereas in 2010, numbers sky rocketed all over the country to now the average being 20% or more and all the way up to 25% here in Iowa.


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As more adults lose control over their weight, more and more children are beginning to struggle with obesity as well. Now, more the 9 million children and teens from ages 9-16 are suffering from obesity, which is leading to increased health problems such as diabetes and hypertension due to poor dietary habits.


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As shown by the childhood obesity map, every state is above 10% of total children population being fat with the average being in the 10-16% range which supports evidence for these continuing health problems. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 children are obese as well as 20% struggling with blood fat problems and 7% with cholesterol problems which are all increases from 20 years ago.


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McDonalds alone operates over 30,000 restaurants  in more then 100 countries world wide and as more people turn to these quick, unhealthy meals, obesity rates will continue to remain the same as well as rise in the U.S. and all throughout the world. This is Jordan Underwood, Daily Iowan TV.



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